Company Profile

All Natural & Botanical

MOUJAN products feature attractive spa-themed styling and all-natural ingredients, combining quality and aesthetics with ease of use.

Who We Are

MOUJAN was launched in 1980 as the innovator and pioneer of the Press-On / Pull-Off Pre-Waxed Strips for home use, which many of our competitors have emulated. We have also developed an affordable line of Cold & Hot Wax products for use at home, plus a Professional line of hard wax products for use by salons and estheticians. There are also a wide variety of accessories available, such as our applicators, muslin cloths, and wax cleaners.

What We Do

The MOUJAN hair removal system is a simple, effective, and natural solution for removing unwanted hair from anywhere on the body. From the time of Cleopatra, beautiful women have been passionately committed to waxing as the most effective, safe, long-lasting, and affordable way to remove unwanted body hair. Since then, research and science have drastically improved natural ingredients to be more appealing to today’s woman.

Creator of premium quality, innovative beauty products, and the best selling waxing system in the world – is the product of choice for professional estheticians, MOUJAN combined a classic beauty ritual with scientific knowledge and pure botanical ingredients, resulting in a personal waxing system that not only removes hair but is also good for your skin.

There is no need for heating or messy, time-consuming procedures required by other hair removal systems. With MOUJAN, simply peel apart the convenient, hygienic hair removal strips and press on the area desired. Then pull the hair removal strip away to remove unwanted hair in one step – it’s that simple!

Attractive. spa-styled packaging for both facial and body waxing products come delivered in high-quality, full-color printed boxes that go from shipper to shelf in one easy step, creating dynamic displays that move product as soon as they arrive.

Why We Do It

MOUJAN was created on the idea that skin care and beauty products should be all natural, affordable, and simple to use. All of our products are free of harsh chemicals, dyes, and perfumes, which make them perfectly safe to use – even on sensitive skin.

Our commitment to quality is backed up by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.  For more information, please contact us.