Features & Benefits

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

As the pioneer and innovator of the Press-On / Pull-Off Pre-Waxed Strips, MOUJAN has been at the forefront of advances in beauty since its inception.  We are honored that many competing companies have seen the benefits MOUJAN has to offer.

Sure, there are other brands out there. Some of them might be more popular, but what’s popular isn’t always the best.

Here are just a few of the features and benefits MOUJAN offers in it’s product lines:

  • MOUJAN products offer a safe, simple and effective way to remove unwanted facial and body hair.
  • MOUJAN products are made from real, natural ingredients, and contain no glues or chemicals.
  • MOUJAN Pre-Waxed Strips for Face and Body are made in a special cellophane and its easy application, and simple press-on / pull-off strips eliminate complicated mixing and messy clean up after waxing.
  • Each waxing strip is two-sided and can be used independently, offering added value and convenience. Most other waxing products are only one-sided, and therefore more costly to use.
  • All MOUJAN products are safety sealed to ensure freshness and 100% performance when used.
  • MOUJAN Cold and Hot Wax is water soluble. It comes in a kit with a muslin cloth, applicator, and instruction sheet.
  • MOUJAN Low Temperature Hot Wax is available in a microwavable container to make depilation easier and convenient for sensitive skin.
  • MOUJAN also has our BRAZILIA Brazilian Wax and Pre-Waxed Strips for Eyebrows.
  • MOUJAN Products remove the hair from the bulb – not just from the surface! This process actually retards hair growth. Consequently, hair takes longer to grow back, and grows back softer and finer.
  • MOUJAN products are specially formulated with skin care in mind. The entire MOUJAN product line features attractive, spa-styled packaging.